The DeWalt Studio and Camera Shop
Various Locations on Main St.

Clarence DeWalt (1902-1995)

DeWalt Studio & Camera Shop Logo, 1950s

Clarence DeWalt was probably Helena's most prolific photographer of the 20th century. He took thousands of student portraits over the decades, along with a great many special occasion photographs. He is best remembered today for his distinctive radio ads, a sample of which may be heard by clicking on the radio. Audio courtesy of Wally Peel...

DeWalt Studio & Camera Shop Radio Ad

DeWalt was something of a community activist, and was one of the most vocal critics of the closing of Main Street to automobile traffic during the "Uraban Renewal" period of the 1970s. He was married to Gail Meagher DeWalt (1908-2005) who worked in various stenographic, secretarial and administrative positions in Montana state government. Clarence had a son, Richard (1933-1986), from a previous marriage. The DeWalts resided at 1 Washington Place for many years.

Opened Studio in the Union Bank Building, 2 North Main


Service in WWII


Studio Moves to South Main at Broadway
(probably 12 South Main), 1954



Studio Moves to 28 North Main, 1959


DeWalt Studio, 28 North Main, Seen on the Left, 1960s