Dickert Dairy

Dickert Dairy 1937 model panel truck, 1938.

Dennis Dickert has kindly sent in two wonderful photos of the Dickert Dairy operation, which was in the Helena Valley. He writes:

"Attached are two photos related to the Dickert Dairy. The panorama was
taken in 1939 and includes a 1939 small panel truck and a 1937 large panel
truck. the second image is a close up of the 1937 truck taken in May 1938.

"The site of the Dickert Dairy was purchased by Fred Dickert in 1912 and
operation started shortly thereafter. The dairy was in operation as
Dickert Dairy until 1944 and then became part of McHugh's Clover Leaf

"The panorama was taken from the east side of the current Helberg Drive
facing somewhat northwest and shows the original house, power plant, milk
barn and other out buildings located on the west side of Helberg Drive.
Helberg Drive can just be seen behind the milk trucks. The closest
building to the camera, a three stall garage, is still on the site as are
some of the loafing sheds in the distance.

"We are pleased to have returned this property to Dickert Family ownership.
It now includes a newer home, barn and outbuildings as well as 80 acres
which is half of the original site."

Panorama of the Dickert Dairy, 1939. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE


Recent satellite photo of the Dickert property, in the same orientation as the panorama. The 3-stall garage and sheds are still recognizable.

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