Howard's Pizza

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Howard's Pizza Sign on 432 N. Park Avenue, 1988


Howard's Pizza opened in 1962, in the old Rinda Auto Garage at 428 N. Park Ave. This building at 432 and the structures at 428 have been demolished.

Susie Morrison writes...

"Howard's was originally a partnership Blair Morrison (1932-1999) and Leonard Morrison. The franchise holder was Keith Erb.

"After about a year, Leonard assumed ownership and management. Leonard and Darlene Morrison managed and worked at the restaurant for several years, and even added "The Pub" in October of 1963, which was right next door! The Pub was a very popular beer bar and served Helena's famous sandwich, the Pub Special. Finally, the pizza house and pub were eventually sold and in February of 1968, Leonard went to work for the Rainier Brewery."

Thanks, Susie!

Blair Morrison, 1967

Blair, also a local radio and television personality, was handicapped by a stroke before he reached the age of 35, but he still led an active and productive life in Helena for many years.

A look through available newspaper archives shows that pizza didn't come to Helena restaurants until 1952, when it was offered at the Placer Hotel. In 1957, the Hey Bob cafe in the Hustad Center touted their pizza in print. In 1958, an "A & H Pizza House" announced that they would open at 6 S. Main, in the old Corr Cafe building, but it appears that they never did..

Scott Nelson of Helena writes: Howard's Pizza was established in 1962, and is still around on the west side and a little shop on the east side.

Before 1962, 432 N. Park was home to the Rinda Auto Garage, family operated by brothers Theo and Venzile Rinda. Their father Ben started it in 1912 at 426 N. Park. Ben Rinda was a jack of all trades, whom older generations I have talked to still remember.

I think the building itself dated from the 1880's.

A Recent Photo of Howard's Original Location