Main News & Confectionery
407 N. Main

Main News & Confectionery, 1980


For many years, Main News was operated by Mr. Harry Stone (1893 - 1972). He stocked a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, comic books, penny candy, pop, cigars, pipes, fishing reels, knives... You could also get your fishing and hunting licenses there. It was a wonderful place to go; indeed, it was a window to the outside world, and also to the world of fantasy.

My lasting memories of Main News include the smell of new comic books and magazines, the array of colorful penny candy in the deep oak showcase, and the taste of cream soda sipped through a paper straw. There were shelves of cigars in open boxes, with beautifully printed pictorial labels on the lids. Rows of sharp new jackknives covered a showcase shelf.

Mr. Stone would let customers use the ancient restroom in the rear of the store; it was the kind with the tank mounted high on the wall above the toilet, with a long flush-chain hanging down. It made a terrific noise.

Harry Stone looked a bit like President Eisenhower, and usually wore a bolo tie with an agate stone. He was always nice, but he did draw the line at youngsters peeking at the pages of "Sexology" magazine.

Thank You, Harry!

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