Town Talk Drive-in & Restaurant
400 Euclid Ave., 1939-1952


Unidentified Service Station, 400 Euclid, 1937
Remodeled into the "Town Talk", 1939


This service station may have been operated by Raymond Keller. The construction date was sometime between 1931 and 1937. In 1939, James Lloyd Keys Sr. (1901-1971), operator of the Town Talk Drive-in at 1407 Helena Avenue, remodeled the Euclid building, and opened the new Town Talk in March of 1939.

Town Talk Site




Delvan B. Adams (1905-1956) took over management in 1940. The Town Talk suffered personnel and supply shortages during World War II, and was purchased in 1944 by local developer Willian Avon "Bill" Carson (1914-1967)...



Bill Carson briefly put the building up for sale in August of 1945, but in the same month leased it to a Capt. Fred J. Hubbard.

In 1949, it was being operated by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle V. Young. In 1951, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wertheimer took over.

Town Talk Seen from the North, late 1940s
Chas. J. Tipton Collection


Conversion to College Pharmacy

Marysville, Montana native Charles Guilbault (1900-1963) operated College Pharmacy until 1959, when he moved to Arizona for health reasons. He passed away in Henederon, Nevada, and is buried in Helena's Resurrection Cemetery.

College Pharmacy was purchased from Guilbault by William Wayne Jones (1920-2000) in 1959. In 1962, Jones opened up in a new store, shared with Tubb's Market, at 625-627 Euclid.

College Pharmacy, 1953
1953 Carroll College Hilltopper Yearbook
Courtesy of the Montana Memory Project

The 400 Euclid building was moved to the south side of Euclid in 1963, when the present Lundy Center was being constructed. The same was true for the old Lundy's Supermarket building, which was adjacent to College Pharmacy. Both are in use today as Rucker's Furniture, 1010 Dearborn.